Monday, April 22, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2013!

I am joining in for Kids Clothes Week this spring! Last year I got so much done during KCWC 2012.  (It's a year ago also that I started this blog!)

Last week a lot of my sewing time was prep for this week. I have most of the patterns I want to use traced out, just a few left. Lots of the things are cut out now too, and I've planned embellishments, though they may change.



Sketches. Still looking for a tank top or shirt pattern in a woven (back neck closure) so I can try the Wellen tank. I don't really trust my pattern drafting skills, plus, Abigail has such a huge head we'll need the back neck opening...


  1. I always have a huge list drawn somewhere of things I am wanting to make. I love that KCW helps me get it done. :)