Friday, May 30, 2014

Embellish is for BOYS! Ooga Booga Fun

Jess over at Gracious Threads is running a series called Embellish is for BOYS.

Last week I won the pattern giveaway - the Streamline Tee from Terra's Treasures! I wanted to embellish along that week but things got too busy. SO - this week I doubled up. This week's theme is applique and last week's was freezer paper stencilling.

Look! A spiderweb!
Pattern: Streamline Tee
Size: 5
Fabric: Upcycled tee, Ooga Booga interlock, jersey scraps

I used Heat 'N Bond to fused the monsters onto the shirt before assembling it, then used the stencil method and fabric paint to make the eyes.

And by happy chance, the little Ooga Boogas are holding hands! :) He's very pleased with his new shirt, which makes me very happy - I was afraid my big guy would be too old for monsters.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cash Envelope System

A friend asked if I do do a set of fabric cash envelopes for budgeting - never tried anything like it before but I love how they turned out!

Flat, low-profile clutch to contain the envelopes.

This make my matchy-matchy heart all happy.  Pretty zippers.

Clutch with all the little cash envelopes.

Each envelope has a little clear vinyl label pocket which will hopefully be handy for cash spending categories.