Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Roses for another wedding

Another sister is getting married toward the end of the month! I finally got brave and tackled the Candy Castle Peppermint Swirl Dress pattern that's been on my wishlist since before Abigail was even walking!

I made the size 3 slim, with the size 4 length and size 4 skirt. I also altered the armholes a bit, as a quick muslin showed that they would be much too deep on my skinny girl. The other modification I made was to change the neckline. The scalloped neck was too deep and the scallops in this size really didn't suit her shape.

My pretty sweetheart! I used just 12 flounces instead of 14, as I just had three colours. Just cut the width at the top of each flounce a bit wider to keep about the same amount of gathering all around. Still makes a full circle - she loves it!

One of my favourite parts, the rolled serger hem. Made it a very fast finish.

The back - I had the perfect buttons in my button box - ivory-coloured with roses engraved on them.