Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Selfish Sewing!

My Uptown Coat is finished!! Been working on it most evenings since Wednesday and finally sewed the last button on just now. Phew.

I love it!

Pattern: Favorite Things Uptown Coat
Fabric: Teal corduroy, gold, olive and teal paisley satin
Size: Medium, with length adjustments
Notes: This was a good first coat try. I first did a quick muslin of some random thin stuff I had, just to see the fit. The only adjustments I made were in length. I know I have to add 2" to any top already, but the muslin showed it would still be short so I added 3" to the bottom of the coat length and sleeves. As it turns out, I could have used another inch at least to do the proper pleat hem, but I made it work. The pattern directions are rather sparse, unfortunately, especially about the hemming.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Selfish Sewing Day 1

Joining in on imaginegnats' Selfish Sewing Week! 

Here's my Day 1 (+1/2). (excuse the weird poses - trying out the self-timer!)

Pattern/tutorial: Ariadne Tunic Top by Tanit-Isis
Size: medium (with mods)
Fabric: super soft, drapey blue jersey leftover from this project (third photo)
Mods: Cut the top 1.5" longer because I have a long torso. Reduced the band width several times (maybe 6" total?). Tapered the sides at the hem about 3" on each side as it was just too blousy - looked like a couple of "spare tires" were hanging out. Overlapped the keyhole opening at the top before binding the neck edge.

I love it!! And can I just say: I LOVE my man! My machine sewed this jersey without eating it, stretching out the seams, jamming up into the bobbin - all because my very dear husband brought home the walking foot I have been thinking of for years! I nearly chortled (does anyone even use that wonderful word anymore??) with glee as it zipped smoothly through the seams and stitched on the binding without a problem. Look out, knit stash! Here I come - no more fear!

(also linking up to Go To Sew's iSew link party)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of Grade 1!

Can't believe my oldest is going to school full time. It was a little hard to be cheerful for Ian this morning. No photo of him ready with his backpack - it was full of his school supplies so when he put it on he nearly fell over backward!

He needed a paint shirt for school this year, so I got oliver + s: little things to sew out of the library and got to work on the Art Smock. (sorry for the crummy photos)

I also made one for Avery, his best buddy (girlfriend?) from kindergarten.

Both smocks are the medium size. The pixelated camo is a light canvas and the butterfly camo is twill, so they should hold up well. They close at the back with snaps.

And I had a little fun with my washi tape collection! Fairly simple way to label a pencil box - I just covered it with striped tape, then used an X-acto knife to cut the strips for letters and scissors for the letter B. Then I covered it with contact paper so it doesn't rub off.