Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Selfish Sewing Day 1

Joining in on imaginegnats' Selfish Sewing Week! 

Here's my Day 1 (+1/2). (excuse the weird poses - trying out the self-timer!)

Pattern/tutorial: Ariadne Tunic Top by Tanit-Isis
Size: medium (with mods)
Fabric: super soft, drapey blue jersey leftover from this project (third photo)
Mods: Cut the top 1.5" longer because I have a long torso. Reduced the band width several times (maybe 6" total?). Tapered the sides at the hem about 3" on each side as it was just too blousy - looked like a couple of "spare tires" were hanging out. Overlapped the keyhole opening at the top before binding the neck edge.

I love it!! And can I just say: I LOVE my man! My machine sewed this jersey without eating it, stretching out the seams, jamming up into the bobbin - all because my very dear husband brought home the walking foot I have been thinking of for years! I nearly chortled (does anyone even use that wonderful word anymore??) with glee as it zipped smoothly through the seams and stitched on the binding without a problem. Look out, knit stash! Here I come - no more fear!

(also linking up to Go To Sew's iSew link party)


  1. I really like how it turned out--nice and drapey! And, don't you love a machine that does NOT eat knits!

  2. Love it Laura! Maybe your husband should talk to mine....:)
    (Carla V)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love it. Only I should probably have made it this summer...

  4. Your top is stunning and suits you perfectly!