Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First day of Grade 1!

Can't believe my oldest is going to school full time. It was a little hard to be cheerful for Ian this morning. No photo of him ready with his backpack - it was full of his school supplies so when he put it on he nearly fell over backward!

He needed a paint shirt for school this year, so I got oliver + s: little things to sew out of the library and got to work on the Art Smock. (sorry for the crummy photos)

I also made one for Avery, his best buddy (girlfriend?) from kindergarten.

Both smocks are the medium size. The pixelated camo is a light canvas and the butterfly camo is twill, so they should hold up well. They close at the back with snaps.

And I had a little fun with my washi tape collection! Fairly simple way to label a pencil box - I just covered it with striped tape, then used an X-acto knife to cut the strips for letters and scissors for the letter B. Then I covered it with contact paper so it doesn't rub off.

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  1. My Ian started first grade this year, too! Love the smock! I'll have to try one for my Ian. :)