Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ducky Hoodie

Abigail is BIG into ducks lately!! (Mainly because it's a new word for her, I think.) So of course, I had to embellish this hoodie with a baby ducky.



Pattern: Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie
Fabric: 3 Superstore teeshirts, polyresin snaps
Size: 18 months
Mods: I skipped the cuffs, hood and sleeve linings, and bottom band. I cut the bodice pieces on the existing teeshirt hems, with a couple inches extra length. Didn't have any large enough pieces for two whole sleeves, so I cut the short sleeve from the sleeves of the yellow teeshirt, and the cut the undersleeve from the orange teeshirt for a faux-layered look (also existing hems!). For the hood, I covered the centre seam with a strip from the yellow teeshirt, and used the neck ribbing from that one for the front edge of the hood. I rolled the yellow lining out a bit to the front when I topstitched the edges. The applique is an image I found online. I used some Heat-n-Bond to apply it, then used a reinforced stitch to outline. 
Thrifty Moments: All three teeshirts were on sale for $2 each at Superstore this summer. Also, when I reused the neck binding of the yellow tee, I was able to get the serging out easily, and I reused the yellow thread! (didn't have the right shade yellow in my thread drawer)


And look who's walking! With the help of an old cardboard box. She has been trying out the little walker toy we have too, and even letting go occasionally.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sophia Holiday Party Dress

I made the Sophia Holiday Party Dress for Abigail for Christmas/winter. It went together very quickly again (made it last year for Christmas too!).

Pattern: Sophia Holiday Party Dress
Size: 12 months
Fabric: remnants of burgundy velvet, black crushed velour, and thin pink jersey
Mods: Added 2" wide sash.

I love that this cost probably all of $4 to make - gives my thrifty heart thrills. Here's my ticked off little girlie modeling:


I understitched the neckline, instead of pressing or topstitching. Still hoping I can get the creases out of the velvet by steaming.


How I did the sash: I cut two rectangles, 2.5" by the width of each bodice piece. I cut the lining pieces each 2 1/4" longer (ended up trimming 1/4" off later). The sash pieces I cut 4 1/2" wide by about 20" long each. I sewed the sashes lengthwise, right sides facing, tapering to a curve at the ends. I sewed the other two sash pieces to each bodice (used 1/4" s.a. for all) and then when I did the side seams, I inserted each long sash in the side seams, putting a small pleat in the centre of each to fit. Then I assembled the rest of the dress as per the pattern.

Sash detail:

Great pattern, fabulous outcome!  Berritt is great with pattern support and her patterns have lots of photos and detailed instructions. I love how fancy the bubble skirt makes it. The only thing I might change next time would be the neckline. Tends to gape a touch. Either make it less scooped (but then it might not slip over her head?), or maybe just a little lastin in the s.a. would help stabilize/pull in the neckline.

Oh, and one thing I totally didn't think of with adding the sash - I should have just cut the back bodice longer in the burgundy, instead of doing a separate black sash piece at the back. I realized when it was all together that the ends of the sashes are supposed to just extend from the front... Oh well, live 'n learn.