Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sophia Holiday Party Dress

I made the Sophia Holiday Party Dress for Abigail for Christmas/winter. It went together very quickly again (made it last year for Christmas too!).

Pattern: Sophia Holiday Party Dress
Size: 12 months
Fabric: remnants of burgundy velvet, black crushed velour, and thin pink jersey
Mods: Added 2" wide sash.

I love that this cost probably all of $4 to make - gives my thrifty heart thrills. Here's my ticked off little girlie modeling:


I understitched the neckline, instead of pressing or topstitching. Still hoping I can get the creases out of the velvet by steaming.


How I did the sash: I cut two rectangles, 2.5" by the width of each bodice piece. I cut the lining pieces each 2 1/4" longer (ended up trimming 1/4" off later). The sash pieces I cut 4 1/2" wide by about 20" long each. I sewed the sashes lengthwise, right sides facing, tapering to a curve at the ends. I sewed the other two sash pieces to each bodice (used 1/4" s.a. for all) and then when I did the side seams, I inserted each long sash in the side seams, putting a small pleat in the centre of each to fit. Then I assembled the rest of the dress as per the pattern.

Sash detail:

Great pattern, fabulous outcome!  Berritt is great with pattern support and her patterns have lots of photos and detailed instructions. I love how fancy the bubble skirt makes it. The only thing I might change next time would be the neckline. Tends to gape a touch. Either make it less scooped (but then it might not slip over her head?), or maybe just a little lastin in the s.a. would help stabilize/pull in the neckline.

Oh, and one thing I totally didn't think of with adding the sash - I should have just cut the back bodice longer in the burgundy, instead of doing a separate black sash piece at the back. I realized when it was all together that the ends of the sashes are supposed to just extend from the front... Oh well, live 'n learn.


  1. This is such a great little dress! You make Abigail the cutest clothes! :)

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