Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cash Envelope System

A friend asked if I do do a set of fabric cash envelopes for budgeting - never tried anything like it before but I love how they turned out!

Flat, low-profile clutch to contain the envelopes.

This make my matchy-matchy heart all happy.  Pretty zippers.

Clutch with all the little cash envelopes.

Each envelope has a little clear vinyl label pocket which will hopefully be handy for cash spending categories.


  1. These look great and I love the concept. Sounds like something I would like to make since we already use this kind of system.

  2. Did you have a pattern for the outside clutch?

    1. Nope, kinda invented my own! I had a vague idea of making a tutorial or pattern for it at some point - you know, with all that extra time that I have...