Tuesday, April 30, 2013

KCW Day 6 & 7 Bubble Dress

So. Day 6 & 7 were Saturday and Sunday - Saturday was crazy, so Sunday and Monday were Day 6 & 7 for me.   Mostly Monday. Heh. Such is life with little people (who are the very reason I'm sewing, I guess!).

Tea, Mommy?

Pattern: "Pallohelma" from Ottobre Winter 2012/6
Size: 74
Fabric: remnant of navy/white cotton, white quilter's cotton lining/trim

I spraying wall, Mommy!

It's more a wide tunic than a real dress on Abigail, even this is her size by measurement. If I did it again, I'd do one size smaller for width and one size bigger for length. The pattern directions were for an invisible zipper, which I didn't have, so I had to try remember how to put a regular zipper in a dress with a lining. The instructions for sewing the bubble hem had me twisting my brain inside out. You basically leave a hole in the lining at one side seam, then gather the shell and sew the shell and lining together through that gap, "as far as you can reach". My first attempt ended up with the back of the dress somehow enclosed between the bubble hem! Rip. Then I just pinned the hems together from the outside - awkward, but I couldn't visualize it... Once part of it was pinned, I reached through the hole and was able to finish pinning and sew all the way around.

I expect she'll wear it over a long-sleeve shirt and leggings/tights this spring, then as she grows, over capri leggings, maybe no shirt this summer.

All done pictures, Mommy!



  1. Just a tip with regards to lengt...European kids sizes go by total body length. For example, Linnae is 73 cm head to toe, so she wears (mostly) size 74.
    Also, clothes are almost always widers for kids. It is just the style. Even when I was little it was already like that.
    I am so impressed with the amount you have sewed! It looks great!!