Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom's birthday is April 23. She was over last night for a visit and translated a Dutch pattern for a friend, so I was able to give her a little something for her birthday!

It's the bow clutch again, this time in a flocked taffeta, lined in purple/blue/pink floral cotton.  This time I rounded the bottom corners, and I did the zipper ends again.

This one was a bit of a trial for something else I had in mind - I'm glad I decided to add a little detail, because I love it! (especially with the olive military skinny pants.)

Isn't that just the most cheeky little face?? (excuse the dirty mirror...)

Pattern: Pleated Dress by Leila & Ben 
Fabric: Daisy Kingdom gingham, scraps of cotton in white and purple rose print
Mods: I shortened the pattern to top/tunic length, made it a little wider at the hem for a swing effect, cut the front without the pleat, and did a facing instead of full lining. Also added a ruffled button placket on the front before lining.
Here it is without a shirt under it. Not quite liking how open the armholes are. I think this will just be for layering instead of a sleeveless top.  She loves it though - "Adidail pitty!"

The other night I whipped up a couple of these snack pouches. I'm tired of sending plastic ziploc bags to school, but Ian can't open the smaller plastic containers himself - he loves this flames bag!

I used the tutorial here, mostly for dimensions. Tried it out first with some plain white PUL as lining and cotton for outers. These are 5"x6" and 4"x4".  I did the flames one as a single layer, and added an extra 1.5" at the flap to double it over for some extra weight.

Getting excited for the Kids Clothes Week challenge next week!


  1. She is so cute! I love that top.

  2. OK, so for a (very much) rookie like me....what did you use for the snack bag materials?? What do you recommend? Thanks! :)

  3. I used PUL (poly-urethane laminated fabric). It's a fabric that is used commonly in cloth diapers, sometimes is available at fabric stores (Fabricland has a version by Babyville - super expensive though! Also there are some ethical questions about Babyville's business practices... a whole nother story.)
    Anyway. In the tutorial I linked, the lady uses cotton. That's ok if you're doing dry snacks, or don't mind washing each time. I like the idea of PUL because you can just flip it inside out and wipe. :)

  4. The shirt turned out cute! You could easily cut the armholes way smaller if you wanted to make it to wear with no shirt under.

  5. looks very nice with my scarf, too!
    Thanks, I like early birthday presents.