Friday, June 14, 2013

I-Spy Quilt for PCC

Yay!! First quilt done for the Pregnancy Care Centre sew-along!

FatQuarterShop very generously sent us a box of fabrics to use for this sew-along - these are a lot of random boyish prints from that box! This I-Spy quilt went together very fast. I bought a 5" square ruler which made it super easy to cut out the 90 squares, and then it was just piecing. I threw in a few scraps of my own to round it out. Also got to try meandering on a larger quilt - with great success!! Only had my thread break four times and no bobbin snarls at all. So happy it worked out! Dimensions: 39"x43".

The back is cute too - part of the same panel as the little trucks and trains on the top, pieced with a length of black kindly provided by QuiltEssentials here in St. Albert!

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