Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disappearing 9-patch

When we had our local quilt retreat back in February we asked everyone to bring two 7" 9-patch blocks, done in blues, greens, and white/cream. When Suzanne and I got to the piecing, we weren't sure how to give it a cohesive look. Suzanne came up with the idea of a disappearing 9-patch - new idea for me! Basically you cut all the blocks in quarters and rearrange them. The only "rule" we used for the layout was alternating light and dark corners on the blocks. Worked out pretty nicely!

The blocks before:

Finished quilt:

She cut them all, and then we did assembly-line style piecing - I stitched and she passed and pressed and laid them out. The backing was pieced from some donated fabrcis, and Suzanne quilted with a large meander. I just finished the binding yesterday! Dimensions: 27" x 40".

Ready to add to the stack of things for the Pregnancy Care Centre!

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  1. Thanks for helping with this one! It looks way better than I first imagined.