Friday, December 7, 2012

Doll Whirlygig

First finished quilt!! Ok, so it's a doll quilt. But still, I sure learned a lot doing this. Such as to count. I made twice as many whirlygig blocks as I needed, somehow...

I used more of the (never-ending) Genenvieve line by Amy Hamberlin. It's for Abigail for Christmas! I am so excited to give her the beautiful doll cradle my dad made for me when I was 3. I also made a little mattress, pillow and sheet for it.

The whirlygig block is from the tutorial here, which was great - no template and no trimming! I also tried out my first free-motion quilting. My machine wasn't too happy about that - it kept having tension difficulties and nesting on the back.

I tried something I've seen my friend Suzanne do and made the back interesting:


  1. Looks good Laura! Your little girl is going to love this! Who knows, maybe one day she will have a beautiful cradle with bedding to pass on to her little girl ;)

  2. very nice! I like your ironing board cover as well--looks very familiar :)

  3. What a beauty!

  4. That's perfect for the cradle! Hope your machine straightened up so you could quilt without all those pesky nestings. What a treasure to have for your daughter.

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