Monday, September 17, 2012

Feliz Finished!

This morning I finished the Feliz Party Dress!!  I love the finished item, but I'm really glad others sewed it before me and made detailed photos/comments on construction, because boy, is the book sparse on directions!


  • Fabric - "Genevieve" by Amy Hamberlin for Henry Glass Fabrics

  • Trim - grosgrain ribbons

  • Size - 98/104 (3T-4T) size, without seam allowances

  • Modifications/more info - No seam allowances (by mistake, as the patterns aren't marked as needing them - you have to find that detail in the introduction); added 3" of elastic to the inside ends of the sashes, as per the tip in the book; cinched in the back elastic quite a lot; added faux piping (3/4" strip of fabric, pressed in half and inserted in seam) along front panel edges; finished back ends of shoulder straps and topstitched them inside the back of the dress, instead of sewing them into the seam, for adjustability; bias tape trim for overdress.





I will try add modeling photos later, if I can find this size model! :)


  1. wow! I really like it! I have not worked up the nerve yet to start that pattern!

  2. Thanks. It was fun, and not all that hard, once I understood the construction. Figuring out how to do ruffles with my serger made a huge time difference too!

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