Friday, September 21, 2012

Dino Dudes Jamie Jumper

My friend Stephanie had her baby boy on Tuesday, at 34 weeks. Her little guy is 4lbs 7oz, teeny! Exactly the size Abigail was. But doing very well. I get to visit them tonight with my friend Suzanne!

I've been hoarding this Dino Dudes fabric and trim I won from Bonnie (a few years ago? ) in her Comfy Sleep Set giveaway. To make the preemie sized Jamie Jumper I printed the 0-3mo size at 80% and scaled the trim pieces also to about 80%, but kept the widths. It looks very similar to the 3-5lb sleepers we had for Abigail! Debating trying to figure out a matching hat.

First time I've ever made the JJ. The top snap was a little squirrely to get in. I think I probably needed a long-prong there.


  1. I love it, Laura! I can't to take Damian home wearing this outfit!

  2. Hi,
    I am a member of a group that are sewing for free to premature babies in hospital. Do you have a patter for this jumper you could mail me?