Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Read" Book Bag

Merry Christmas!!  I sure had fun with gifts this Christmas.  Not all handmade, but there were a few - the doll quilt for Abigail, and this:

For my in-laws' gift exchange, I pulled my SILs name. She is working her first year as a teacher. I found this pattern and thought it was perfect!

This was so much fun! I added selvedges to the book spines as titles. Some of them are the fabrics they were cut from, even (I'm such a nerd!).  Suzanne had the idea for the selvedges - most of them are from her stash!

The other side of the bag, and my first time trying English paper piecing:

Inside pocket: apples for a teacher!


  1. So cool! What an awesome job!

  2. that is really neat!! I have never given paper piecing a try yet either and I'd be so nervous to do it! :)