Friday, October 19, 2012

Well... so much for KCWC...

Day 3 I did some knitting, and then Thursday I had some dental work, and somewhere in there picked up a bug of some kind. I was in bed for several days and then several more low-energy days followed. So I didn't get any more sewing done till Wednesday. One of the things I'd cut out for KCWC was this Comfy Sleep Set:


 - Pattern: Fishsticks Designs Comfy Sleep Set
- Size: 12 months with 18 months length (slim 18M)
- Fabric: pajama fleece with cotton velour for trim
Now - would you put this on a boy? I made it thinking it could be either boy or girl pjs, but my husband thinks it's definitely girly.


Next up:  Another Feliz Party Dress!  I'm hoping to post more progress photos as I go this time.


  1. definitely looks girly! unless what looks like purple is blue but then still, the bubbles just look girly :)

  2. yup - looks girly to me :) Very cute!