Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC Day 1 and 2

I didn't get as much cut out as I'd hoped last week, so not going to get as many things done this time around. I only got about 1/2hr sewing time in yesterday, but I'm calling this first one Day 1:


- Pattern: free Simply Sweet Frock by Valorie of Simply Together
- Fabric: cotton velour
- Size: about 2T
- Mods/comments: I did not add seam allowances, as I’m using a stretch fabric. I also bound the neck edge and cuffs with fold over elastic. I’m thinking this needs something – a sash? appliqué? The instructions were very vague, as she says, but ok if you understand garment construction. If I make it again, I would cut the sleeve separate from the body, so there are raglan seams on both front and back. I found the back hung a little lower than the front. Also would pull in the FOE a little more on the neck edge.
 And Day 2:


- Pattern: the bodice is the top part of the knitting pattern Milo. I just winged the skirt.
- Fabric: the bodice is knitted from Lionbrand Cotton-Ease. The skirt is quilter’s cotton.
- Size: 9 months
- Mods/comments: I love the Milo pattern! I've knitted the full vest several times, but wanted to see how it would work out as a dress top. I just did a couple rows of garter stitch about an inch past the armholes, then cast off. The skirt was two rectangles, each 20" x 11", sewn together on the short sides, and then gathered to the bodice. I sewed between rows of garter stitch, and the stitching is pretty much invisible. I used Wooly Nylon in the bobbin to allow for some ease. I used a "hemless" finish with a contrasting print.


  1. Perhaps I like blue ... I loved this simple dress. What does the Milo pattern look like?

  2. Sorry, I meant to link it in my post! It's here. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/milo-3

  3. The Simply Sweet dress is an interesting pattern! I'm curious to see what it would look like on. The Milo dress is really cute too. It should fit now right?