Friday, October 26, 2012

Feliz Sew-along - Assembling! (part 3)

(Part 1 here and Part 2 here)

Now we have an overdress and an underdress and two straps. Here's how to put it all together:

1. Assembling the dress

  • Step 1 Pin the straps in place with raw edges aligned (baste, if preferred). Then turn the underdress inside out and place the overdress around the underdress, right side of overdress facing wrong side of underdress. Match the back corners of the overdress side piece with the back corner of the underdress that we left extended. Sew.

  • Step 2 Trim the back corner and clip the curves, then turn.


2. Press and topstitch all around the top of the dress, being sure seam allowances are tucked in at the back corners.


3. Sash Casing

  • Step 1 Pin the sash casing with the sash sandwiched between the overdress and the underdress. It just turned out that the back elastic casing exactly matched up with the stitching lines for the casing (no, actually I planned that... lol)

  • Step 2 Sew the sash casing, making sure not to sew through the sash.


Your Feliz Party Dress is finished!!

It's quite long on her still, but I just had to try it on her! She's wearing 12-18 months clothes now, so hopefully this will fit in summer.