Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Tops for Me!

I've been part of Made By Rae's Spring Top Sewalong before - high time to do it again! Custom made clothing is a good idea for someone with a long back, arms, and legs. It's a drain to go shopping and find pretty things only to have to make do with too-short sleeves and waists and hems that hit in awkward spots. Time to fill my own closet, instead of adding more to my little daughter's!

I tried out Colette's Sorbetto Top, just in some lightweight cotton leftover from my Jenny maxi dress. Based on my measurements I'm supposed to be size 12, so that's what I started from, cutting 2.5" longer for my long torso.

Pattern: Colette Sorbetto Top
Size: 12 (modified)
Mods: I ended up taking up 1/2" in the shoulder seams and 1/2" tapering to 3/4" at the waist on both side seams. I'm not overjoyed with the shape still - might have been better starting with size 10 or even 8. Bias tape is self fabric.

Suzanne went shopping with me last week - I was having heaps of trouble fitting the fabrics I liked with patterns and just couldn't decide. I came home with several fabrics, including these gorgeous prints:

I was thinking of doing Sorbetto again in the left fabric, a white dobby voile, and then the apparel weight cotton in the middle with the tone-on-tone blue beside it for a Patricia Tunic. Not so sure on the Sorbetto now that I've done my muslin. I may try something like a crocheted lace yoked shirt instead...hmmmm....

I also bought this smooth jersey - on sale for $6 a metre! And I only needed a metre - score! (Excuse weird expressions. The man was teasing me while he took my photos.)

Pattern: New Look 6497, View C
Fabric: polyester blend jersey
Mods: Added 2" to the length at the top of the skirt pieces to account for my long back. Shoulder ties are self fabric.
Details: Hemmed at the neck and armholes with twin needle and wooly nylon in the bobbin. The tunic hem is my attempt at a serger lettuce hem.

Fits great and I love it. A very quick sew. My walking foot gets hung up when hemming over seams so there are a few uneven bits in my topstitching. If I did it again I'd probably take in a little bit at the neck edge of each shoulder seam as it tends to slide a bit. It also needs a camisole as it gapes a little at the crossover with movement. I probably would have been better off adding some clear elastic tape the the neck edges to keep snug.


  1. I totally love the sorbetto on you, it looks lovely and the fabric is yummy!

  2. I really like the blue and green top on you! I had to size down quire a bit in the sorbetto too.

  3. They look really lovely on you, even the Sorbetto. Have you thought about making a Wiksten tank?

    1. Thank you. I have looked at it, but have a limited pattern budget. Really need to sew up some of the patterns I have first! :)

  4. Great job! The sorbetto top looks pretty good with the adjustments you made. The second top is very nice - I really like the back.

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