Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blue skies... nothin' but blue skies - KCW Day 6

...I wish. It was ccccold here today again! Next best thing is blue clothes!

Pattern: Self-drafted
Size: 2T
Fabric: Powder blue slub jersey remnant

I took a basic bodice shape and compared it to a thick sweater that fits Abigail for length and width, then drew up a quick pattern with a v-neck front and very simple sleeves. I thought of putting buttons on the front but realized after cutting that I didn't leave room for overlap - duh! So improvised with ties. Ahem! - design feature. Yup.

The fabric was a bit odd to work with - stiff but flimsy, not great recovery. Happy it worked out as well as it did! I took special care understitching and topstitching the facing in, with a double ballpoint needle and woolly nylon in the bobbin again.

She's also wearing her new leggings I made on Day 5 - quite pleased with the fit and glad they look more like proper skinny pants than leggings.

A blustery walk pushing cousin Shawn in the stroller

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