Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spring Leaves table runner

A few weeks ago I saw this pretty table runner on Pinterest:

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I loved the idea!  But there were not really any directions or dimensions, so I just made up my own.


The background fabric is from a leftover lengths trimmed from my dining room curtains (5 years ago!), a cream, sort of slubby linen look.  I started with the vine - just took a strip of green, pressed the raw edges to the centre, and then pleated it in a wavy line as I went.  I cut my own templates for the two sizes of leaves and tried turned applique for the first time, and also used the blanket stitch on my machine for the first time.  It wasn't hard to find lots of blues & teals in my stash!  I think I may need to diversify a bit...  I echo-quilted around the leaves and vine and then did diagonal lines across.  I love it!  Now just to wait for spring to come...




  1. You just blow my mind! Your resourcefulness and creativity are so amazing!!!

  2. Thank you, Shannon! I'm having lots of fun trying techniques!

  3. beautiful, Laura, that probably really brightens-up the house!