Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crafty fun by kids

Benjamin went to his friend Sophie's birthday party a few weeks ago. He helped me make her a special gift:


It's a set of interchangeable felt hair bows. The clip is covered in grosgrain ribbon, and a snap socket is glued to it (if we do this again, I'd probably set the snap in the ribbon, then apply to the clip).  Each bow has a snap stud glued to the back of it.


Then for Christmas, the boys begged to make something for their grandparents, so Benny made felt bookmarks for the grandpas and Ian made tissue holders for the grandmas. First time stitching for each of them! Ian especially did amazingly well - I was so proud. lol  I helped him stitch on the stars and do the initials, but he did all the sewing at the ends (embroidery floss).


One of the bookmarks by Benny:

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