Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scrappy Trips progress

Progress on my Scrappy Trips Around the World quilt: I have 7 blocks finished and 13 strip-pieced, ready to be cut and pieced again!

In case this is helpful at all - a couple of notes. I chain-piece the three sets of two strips and press them. (You can see I only press the outer two, as I found if I press the centre one already it's hard to fold accurately to sew into a tube later.)


Then I sew the three pieces together into the 6-strip block. Here's my stack of 13, pinned and ready to sew. I chain-pieced so I'm not clipping near as many threads and don't have to deal with snarls at the beginning of each!


Big stack of 6-strip blocks, ready to press.


No pic of pressing - I press to end up like this, except I don't press the centre seam, to make it easier to fold in half. (pic posted by Lorena in Sydney in the discussion on the Scrappy Trip-Along Flickr group)


Then fold each 6-strip block in half and sew to make tubes! I sewed these up last night:


I'm hoping to get a couple of these at least cut apart, maybe sewn up today!

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