Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Teacher Zip Pouch

Ian wanted to give his teacher something for Christmas, so i made a little "ruled paper" pouch. (idea for the "paper" from here)  I interfaced a piece of white fabric and then sewed lines at 1/2" intervals in light blue thread across, and another line in pink at 1 1/4" from the side. Then I used a washable marker to write the teacher's name and then embroidered in a backstitch.    (Ian made the card - it's his own spelling! lol)


The back is apples - for a teacher! :D   It makes me happy. I used FlossieTeaCakes tutorial for a zipper pouch - good tutorial. The one thing I'd change if I did it again would be the zipper end covers. They turned out a touch bulky.  Ian bought a little notebook and pen to go with the pouch and is very excited to give it to her tomorrow.