Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feliz Party Dress

I finally got up the nerve to start the Feliz Party Dress that I've wanted to make since wondering whether our second was a girl or not.   It's from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love from the Farbenmix/Studio Tantrum folks. The instructions in the book are sparse at best, so I'm using the Trillium photo sew-along for some more tips. My progress so far:

Wednesday was deciding what fabric where:


And then Thursday I finally cut it out:


I sewed the overdress seams, sashes, back facings, piping in the seams, and made a large amount of the brown into bias tape for the hem and applied some.


Friday morning during baby's naptime (2.5hrs!!) I planned and cut the ruffle strips, figured out both a rolled hem and gathering on my serger, sewed on the ruffles and last night I did the ribbon and the side seams on the underdress and the shoulder straps. Getting there!!


  1. It's going to be GORGEOUS!! Great work.

  2. Thanks! :) It was fun. It's done now:

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