Sunday, August 12, 2012

Abigail's first birthday party!

Abigail's 1st birthday party was a success!! We had a dozen adults and 18 kids/babies in our backyard. I'm glad the play structure FIL built is done!

I made the Babies First Birthday Cake (Carrot Cake) here. Everyone loved it, though it was quite dense, more like a loaf than cake. Good thing I googled sodium-free baking soda before using the full amount they say in the recipe... I only had regular bk - the sodium-free you have to use 2x the amount! I did a 9x13" pan, cut it in half and did it two layers, then a large cupcake on top for her to smash. They had lemon buttercream and blueberries on top. The cupcake "wrapper" I just cut from a gift bag I had on hand that happened to be the perfect colour! :)


She was unhappy I didn't let her grab the candle.


"Really? I can grab? They never give me big stuff to eat!"


She didn't actually smash it, just got a little sticky and ate a bit of buttercream.


Sticky baby






This thing was impossible to break open. Next time, must use masking tape instead of duct tape... I found the tutorial here! Of course, last minute (well, day before). I couldn't resist. It's so cute. Plus all the older kids had a great time with it.


Precious birthday girl! You may remember the ruffle skirt from a while ago. I had nothing to match it though, and couldn't find a plain blue tshirt anywhere in stores. So I grabbed an old cami of mine that was too short, used a tank dress of Abigail's to trace, and made her a new one during nap time yesterday. I reused the hems, cut 1.5" strips and folded for the neck/armhole edges, and used a piece of the skirt fabric for the 1.




  1. Her outfit is so cute and she is just a doll!

  2. I like your site! And piñatas are awesome! :)

  3. :) Thanks, Gemma!! Glad you found it.