Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been more than an hour...

...but I'm still feeling crafty!  Trying my hand at setting up this blog has been educational, for sure, but I'm loving Wordpress so far!

Expect the first show 'n tell craft post next week! I'm joining in with Elsie Marley's Kids' Clothes Week Challenge. So far I've already traced and cut out some of the patterns I want to use and started cutting fabric too! The challenge is to work on kids' clothing for an hour each day. I'm hoping that  getting some of the deciding and cutting out of the way will be an extra boost to help me finish more. Are you joining in too?

Till next week then!


  1. Hi! I'm joining in too, but you already know that :p
    Nice blog!

  2. :) Thanks! Still wading through templates to tweak it a bit.