Monday, June 9, 2014

Jenny Maxi dress for moi!

Actually made this one in March, on time to take along to Mexico, but finally got proper photos yesterday! Nice weather is here, hopefully to stay!

Pattern: Jenny Dress by SisBoom
Fabric: apparel weight cotton floral
Size: Large Tall, A cup, modest neckline option

I started out with a muslin and made just a few tweaks to the sizing, but the cotton I used for the muslin was a different weight and hand than my good fabric so I ended up needing to take it in a good deal. I originally used the cutting line for tall on the midriff piece but had to go down to regular as it seemed to sit wrong. Once I had the whole thing together and the zipper in I realized it was still roomy so had to take the sides in another 1/2" on each side. Next time I'll choose a smaller size to start, I think.

Very pleased with how it turned out, overall! It's very exciting to actually have a full-length dress, as a tall girl.

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  1. I like this one too! Looks super comfortable. It'll be fun to wear this summer.