Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bunny doll quilt & bedding

My inlaws pulled out my SILs old doll cradle for Abigail to play with at their house.  They also bought a doll for her for there.  The only problem: the cradle didn't have bedding anymore.  No longer a problem:


My MIL had also given me a stack of fabric, among which was this Daisy Kingdom fabric.  The bunnies I cut from a dress or pinafore panel, and the pale green with roses is the rest of the panel.  The wavy plaids are also Daisy Kingdom and coordinate great.


I made a simple white mattress with some poly batting inside, a set of tapered canopy curtains from the end of the dress panel, a patchwork pillow, and a little quilt.  The quilt was fun!  It was a fun chance to try my free motion foot again.  I did several different borders - a random wavy one, an orange peel design, and spaced scallops.  Then I outlined the bunnies and fence post and a few things...


Here is a close-up of some of the borders WIP. My machine actually had no problems doing free motion quilting this time!!  The only issue here is my unsteady hands.  By the time I was done the third border I felt like I was finally getting it!



  1. so cute! I've just worked on the same thing--making bedding for my old doll crib for my daughter!

  2. It looks so great Laura! I am glad that Abigail has a chance to play with the cradle, many a good time were spend with that thing!