Saturday, October 1, 2016

Please welcome my sister!

My sister Emily has graciously agreed to join me on this blog! She enjoys her own "crafty hours" and is quite creative. Over the years Emily's done a lot of sewing. She has experience with different textiles, having worked in a drapery shop several years ago, and has also experimented with all kinds of media. Her upcycles are something I particularly love to see. Whether it's altering pants for a custom fit in the waist and hips or a different leg style, or remaking or embellishing an otherwise plain or useless garment, her style always shines. I'm looking forward to seeing some of her work and possibly begging her help with the part of the creative process I have the hardest time with - matching the designs and patterns with the fabric! :p

One of Emily's most beautiful creations is still her own wedding dress, a drapey, silk, retro-inspired gown.

Welcome, Emily! 

Hi. I'm Laura's sister Emily. I've been invited by her to contribute a bit to this blog with some of my own projects, and maybe collaborate a little on some.

This 'Asymmetrical Hacci Top' from Ricki's is what I'm working on this week:

I have it in a really beautiful olive green, and it's super comfy. I'm also pleased that it came from Thriftopia, and therefore was only $2.00. Only that whole triangle thing at the bottom is not working for me. I felt so self-conscious about it the whole time I wore it the other day. So I did this yesterday:


Now I'm considering if I should add lace to the bottom. It's still fairly long, but I think it's really quite plain now. I'm trying to choose between the wide options I have in the basket. Any thoughts? Here they are:



  1. Emily, I love them all but I think the top one would be great for a hem. Maybe slight gathers? Something like this:

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