Monday, January 5, 2015

Rainbow Diamonds Quilt

Finally finished! I actually started this quilt at last February's quilt retreat, so this one has been a very long time coming. A couple of years ago I was gifted a set of rainbow charm squares by a lovely group of ladies who were doing a swap. That started this quilt - I think there were 8 each of 8 colours, no doubles.

Then I cut some more from my own (very small) cotton scrap bin, and Suzanne let me dig through her scraps for the rest, till I had 13 of each colour total. I added gray to make them into half-square triangles. Part of the reason this took so long to make was because I couldn't decide how to arrange the blocks. There are just too many options with half-square triangles! I debating doing a spiral, chevron, or random placement, but eventually came up with this off-centred diamond rainbow.

The quilting was easy enough - just straight-line echoes in the gray. For binding I debated several options, but anything with a colour in it made that colour in the rainbow jump out, and the same dark gray made the gray the focus. I settled on solid light gray and I think it's just perfect.

I love the awesome backing! I found this great cursive script numbers fabric at IKEA a while back and knew it had to be a quilt backing. Especially for $3.99/metre! If I recall correctly, it's called Nummer. Slightly thinner quality cotton, but just fine for a backing.

At about 52" x 64", it's a great length for one person (even a tall one!), or it's also good across two laps - just what we need for the couch.


  1. so pretty! I'm still working on the rock 'n romance quilt too that I started around June, so now I don't feel so bad :p ha!

  2. I love this so much! What fabulous sewing!

  3. I can see why this is one of your favorites. It's gorgeous! I love the color scheme! I have a bunch of charms I wasn't quite sure how to use, and you've inspired me.

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