Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Flowers & Sunshine

Finished this soft, pretty quilt yesterday!

Very simple. My friend Annette had cut the flannel squares previously so all I did was chain-piece them, arranging in a basic checkerboard pattern. The backing is also flannel, the batting is a leftover chunk of high-loft poly batting from years ago, and the binding is a striped cotton print.

I quilted it in with straight lines one direction through the squares and wavy lines the other way, just for fun. As with some of the other quilts for the Pregnancy Care Centre, I'm practising machine stitching the binding on - not perfect, but pretty good! First time I didn't have to go back and redo a corner. I think it helps to press the binding away from the stitching on the right side, and then press around the edge toward the back, before sewing it down from the front.

Soft and cuddly, reminds me of flowers & sunshine on this snowy day!


  1. so pretty--I'm a sucker for girly fabrics! isn't it great--machine binding?? I can't imagine hand binding it. And, you are right, it helps to press it first then flip and press again.

  2. Love this quilt. You did a great job on the binding. I haven't tried that yet, just pieced and quilted a few things...