Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent Calendar in use

Just wanted to update with what we are doing with our Advent calendar. I found a list of Bible verses for each day of December until Christmas (just from this pin, which has nothing else linked), and I also found a printable Advent chain with the names of Jesus. The kids are especially loving the chain! We are doing it reverse of what they suggest - we are adding one link each day and hanging the partial chain on our tree. Each morning so far they run to see what the next name is in the day's pocket and we read the corresponding verse and talk about it. (also we printed it on white paper and they coloured and decorated the strips!)

In the evenings at our family devotions we read the text from the Advent calendar and discuss it, and then we pick a Christmas hymn. So far we are singing hymns such as Comfort, comfort ye my people, O come, O come, Emmanuel, and The people who in darkness walked, which all have a strong feeling on longing and waiting. Closer to Christmas we'll sing more of the Jesus is born songs.

This morning I asked the boys if they knew what Advent means and Ian (6) was excited to share: "It means 'coming'!" I don't know where he learned that, but it's sure a lot simpler of a definition than what I was prepared to tell them! Out of the mouths of infants, indeed. <3

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